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What Is FIP Disease in Cats? What Are the Symptoms and Treatments?

What Is FIP Disease in Cats? What Are the Symptoms and Treatments?

What Is FIP Disease in Cats? What Are the Symptoms and Treatments?

FIP or in other words, Feline Infectious Peritonitis, is one of the common diseases seen in cat breeds. This disease is caused by coronaviruses. There are many coronavirus types that are seen in cats and most of these viruses cause no harm or disease. The FIP disease in cats is the mutated for of these coronaviruses and if not treated on time they may cause severe complications. Unfortunately, the disease is one of the most common causes of cat deaths all around the world. Below, you can find detailed information about the disease.

What Are FIP Symptoms?

FIP disease can be seen in cats in two different forms. These are regarded as dry and wet forms and the FIP symptoms may vary depending on these forms. In dry form, loss of appetite, fever, jaundice and weight loss are some of the common symptoms observed in the cats. The cats may also experience difficulty in walking, paralysis and vision loss in severe cases. On the other hand, wet form causes symptoms are very similar to dry form. Some of the other common symptoms may include fluid accumulation in the abdomen and chest area.

How to Treat FIP Disease?

Unfortunately, there is no proven method for the FIP treatment in cats. All of the treatments are supportive treatments to eliminate the symptoms. In addition to this, other treatments that can contribute to the immune system of the cats are preferred. In rare cases, immunosuppressive drugs and antibiotics may do wonders. You should seek immediate medical assistance for your cat in case you are suspicious about this disease or your cat has these symptoms. Only a professional can evaluate the case well and start the required treatments before it is too late. Also do not forget to implement the preventive methods recommended by your veterinarian.

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