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What is the meaning of cat’s rubbing? Is this a sign of love ?

Is this a sign of love?

What is the meaning of cat’s rubbing? Is this a sign of love?

What does rubbing up means for cats? Why cats rub up against people? The answer to these questions is not very simple, but observations give us some information. As the two cats meet, a cat approaches its owner by holding up its tail and rub against the owner’s legs. Exactly how this rubbing up differs from cat to cat. Some cats rub with one side of their heads, while others continue to rub with the side of their bodies. Others often complete the rubbing up movement with their entire body, from their heads to the tips of their tails. Others go past you without any contact.

Furthermore, some cats are tenser, preferring to rub against a chair leg or door edge instead of people. Even some self-confident cats may not find risky to rub on their owner’s legs, but may prefer to rub against another person in front of people they do not know. In this case, cats are likely to direct the rubbing up motion to an object; because, unlike the person he does not know, he is absolutely sure that an inanimate object will push him away. However, when this situation occurs, the cat seems to give up its smell with the help of the scent glands on the edge of the head. It is certain that the cat smell was left to the objects.

Moreover, when you show papers which have cat smells to cats living in other homes after persuading various cats to rub against paper-coated objects, a certain interest in these cats awakens. However, the guided friction behavior is not exactly the same as the cat’s intentional self-odor behavior. This can be easily observed when the same cat encounters a pencil that looks like tree branches, which is their favorite object to leave a smell.

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