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What is Urinary Tract Infection in Cats, Symptoms and Treatment

What is Urinary Tract Infection in Cats, Symptoms and Treatment

Cats are perhaps one of the animals that directly or indirectly deal with urinary tract infections among all other animals. Some of the reasons why cats are affected by urinary tract infections are as follows; direct contact of bad and dirty water and wastes on the ground, infertility, internal diseases, seasonal effects, biological problems and infectious diseases. These causes can cause permanent or treatable urinary tract infections.

Urinary tract infections are inflammatory diseases that occur between the urinary tract and the urethra or in the vaginismus part. This disease can directly affect the circulation and excretion and digestive systems of cats, including the immune system. Symptoms include excessive itching, constant licking of the area in question, constant rubbing on the ground, and dark color in urine. If one or more of these problems are also present in your cat, then you should treat it. This treatment also has some stages, and you can follow these stages on the spot to restore your cat’s health. First, make your own observations to fully understand the source of this situation. Then go to the veterinarian to explain the situation. In this way, you will be informed exactly what caused the urinary tract infection.

After being informed by the veterinarian, the next step will be the treatment. Except for very small cases, none of the cases require surgery, and generally a lotion treatment method is adopted. Your veterinarian will make the best decision. Treatment of urinary tract infections in cats can take a certain time. While some cats get the desired results in a week, some cats may require much longer periods and even years. This variability depends on your cat’s immunity to the disease in question and the degree of the disease in question.

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