What Should I Do If My Bird Is Breeding?

What Should I Do If My Bird Is Breeding?

You, as a caregiver, are the ones who will help your bird if your bird is breeding. What you should do is so simple. Your bird already knows what it should do. You will just need to help them in the process. Before the breeding process begins, it is better you should consult a vet if your bird has a disease or problem because sometimes they might get harmful bacterias. And with the breeding, these bacterias turn into vital creatures for both your bird and the babies.

Place It to Its Usual Bed

Put your bird its bed early to let it warm the bed for the breeding. And you should be careful that the temperature of the environment should be appropriate for that. It should not be too hot, tet cold temperatures also harm your bird if your bird is breeding.

Replace the Cage

If your cage is placed in a dark and moisture location, you should change its place. Try to put it a calm and peaceful edge that the bird will not be affected badly if your bird is breeding. Besides, redesign the inside of the cage. In this painful process, your bird may want to get help from its toys. However, these toys can hurt and harm your bird. It is better if you remove the toys. Instead, maybe you can place soft things like a napkin or a small towel inside the cage.

Do Not Touch the Eggs

While your bird is breeding, you should not touch its eggs, which discourage the bird to take care of is own baby. Before breeding, you should supply a high-quality light and nutritions. Your bird should be eating a lot to stay powerful. This nutrition can be fatty because it is better if it gets the energy from fatty nutrients. Be careful that she is in the right situation to be able to eat. After that, when you see the eggs, you should not interfere. You should also never change their place later as well.

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