What Should I Do If My Cat

What Should I Do If My Cat Drinks Lots of Water?

Before concerning this issue, first, make sure if it is a problem or not. Consider your cat’s behaviors and health. Especially if you are suspicious that it would imply a problem or disease, watch out your cat’s energy. When a cat carries an underlying problem, its energy reduces for the enjoyable games and other activities, which normally it prefers to do. The cat drinks lots of water for a lot of reasons. What you should do is combine all the factors involving food type, the weather, the environment of the house, and draw a conclusion.

How Much Should It Drink Normally?

It usually depends on the weather. Like people, cats also drink more water in warmer weather. If the temperature of your house is hot, it normally requires more water. You can also watch if it overgrooming itself or not because the overgrooming time may consume their water intake. On the other hand, if it overgrooms, it may have different reasons. You should consult a vet to check if it has a problem with its skin. If your cat drinks lots of water, what you should do is to check the temperature and environmental issues about it.

True Food Type

One of the important things is that cats usually consume food while eating cat food so they do not need so much extra water to drink in free times as people do. You should consider changing the cat food especially if it is dry food. Try to change their food with wet food and check if still it drinks lots of water.

Could It be a Problem?

With their excessive thirst, you can also check their changes in appetite or sleeping patterns. Diarrhea, oversleeping than usual, and eating more or less than usual might be other symptoms with thirst. Some diseases causing over thirst are hyperthyroidism, kidney disease, diabetes mellitus, and urinary tract disease. It is not possible for you to detect the problem. What you should do is to consult a vet if your cat drinks lots of water.


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