What Should We Look For

What Should We Look For While Choosing Birdseed?

At first, you should look for what your birds like to eat while choosing birdseed. The bird food looking so attractive to you may not be as appealing as you expect for them. Avoid sudden changes in the birdseed. You can prefer adding new bird food to the current bird food by mixing them so that you can if they will get used to it or not. Furthermore, they are social creatures that are why what their mates or friends eat matter for them. They tend to react according to each other. Again for the same reason, they will be the ones who determine the birdseed. Therefore, when they do not confirm a food type, it is better if you just obey them and change the food.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds address almost all backyard bird species. For a good start, you should just look for sunflower seedswhile choosing birdseed. It contains healthy nutrition for them to feel full. There are also other sunflower seeds like hulled sunflower kernels. Birds usually prefer black oil sunflower seeds, which is also costly compared to other sunflower seeds.


This seed type is great nutrition both for birds living in the birdcage and the backyard bird species. It involves the necessary nutritions to make them enjoy their food. Almost all bird caregivers use millet since it is a mixture of all healthy foods in a small stone. It is also not costly at all.

Watch Out the Correct Season

While choosing birdseed what we should look for may depend on the season and the weather. While in hot weather in summer, they will prefer to eat light seeds that do not have to involve so much nutrition, in winter they have to eat fatty foods to survive and protect themselves from the harsh weather conditions.

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