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Why Cats are Afraid of Cucumbers?

Why Cats are Afraid of Cucumbers?

Maybe you’ve never heard of it before, but yes indeed cats are afraid of cucumbers. And for some cats and cat breeds, this can turn into a real torment and torture. A number of studies are still being conducted on the cause of this. In fact, the clearest of these researches is the study of Learning Animals’ Language by Behavior Doctor Dolittle and animal behaviourist and writer Con Slobodchikoff. In this study, it was seen that cats are really afraid of cucumbers. In fact, before they started researching, they researched whether cats are just afraid of cucumbers or they can be afraid of anything other than cucumbers. Because, according to them, in this intimidating joke made by the owners with the cat turned around, it may also be the instinctive fear of the cat.

Therefore, an experiment was made to show another object when the cat turned around, but the cat did not show a reflex like in cucumber. However, they came to a conclusion. It may have been because cats thought of this cucumber like a snake. Because cats think these long and curvy things can resemble a snake. The only question is: Why green snake? This shows that they may have been a gene from their ancestors who lived before the water. Because it can be thought that they are addressed by green snakes because of the waters around that ancestor and the green lands. This is just an assumption!

At this point we would like to tell you the following. Never try it on your own pet cat for experimentation. Because this situation will be unhealthy for your cat. It is not worth doing this just for laughing or having fun. If you love your cat, you can suggest it to your family members.

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