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Why Cats are Afraid of Water

Why Cats are Afraid of Water

We can see that some cat species are afraid of water. This situation is considered as a problem that appears in all cats, but it is not right to make a generalization for all cats. So it is necessary to say that you can go to such a solution by looking at the cat type. If your cat is among the cat-scared cat species, there is already nothing you can do for it. However, if your cat is not one of these species, this time you can do some analysis on why this is psychologically caused. Of course, you can do this alone or under the control of a veterinarian.

Cats can sometimes show this in the bathroom or make it feel from a puddle outside. Bengals, Asian Leopard Cats, and Maine Coons are cat breeds that are not too afraid of water and will even enjoy swimming in what they see. Other than these cat species, their fear of water can be met normally. Cats’ fear of water can be psychological as we said. For example, having had a bad experience with water before, dropped into the water or dropped by others may cause such a reaction. Or their own personal problems can cause it. For example, environmental problems or an underlying health problem may cause cats to react like this. Whatever the reason, it has to be calm to solve it, and it is necessary to avoid throwing it into water to get used to the cats.

Many cat owners throw them into the water knowingly and sit down so that they can get used to the water, but this will certainly not provide a solution. Instead, it is necessary to apply a training that should gradually spread over 2 weeks. During this training, you can gradually increase the water level so that your cat can get used to it.



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