Why Cats Get Depressed What are the Symptoms?

Why Cats Get Depressed What are the Symptoms?

Cats may become depressed periodically at certain intervals. This can happen 2 times a year for a normal cat, and the cause may be at different frequencies. In this article, we touched on some of the most common causes of depression in cats with many causes. And so if you suspect this cause of depression, you will be able to do better for your cat. However, if you cannot do it, please contact your veterinarian and get more professional support.

First of all, it should be noted that there are several reasons why cats have psychological problems. One of them is their relationship with the owners. Because if cats believe for some reason that their owners do not like or neglect them, this can be very painful for the cat. That’s why your cat feels bad and can go into great depression. This cause of depression can be solved in a very simple way. Because it will disappear easily after you caress and kiss them for a while. Another cause of depression is their relationship with the surrounding pets. Generally, cats always want to live alone and become masters of the environment. The coming of another pet or the presence of it in the environment may cause them to be in a great depression. If you have the opportunity, leaving your seats can be a good solution. So, separate the two animals and ensure that they do not interfere with each other as much as possible. In this way, you can easily overcome this.

Another reason for the worsening of psychology of cats is the seasonal effect. Generally, cats can experience great depressions between March and May. You should know that this can also be temporary. Let’s come to the biggest problem. Health problem! Yes, if your cat understands that it is negatively affecting her social life while struggling with any health problem, this will be a situation that you will not want at all. For the treatment of this, please go to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

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