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Why Cats Sleep a Lot

Why Cats Sleep a Lot

Some cats really exaggerate right? When they are missed and when they want to deal with them, we suddenly see that they lie. Yes! This situation can be met as a normal situation for all cats. Because especially kittens like sleep very much. When they see a comfortable and warm environment, they sleep immediately. Of course, as we said, this is true for a normal sleep pattern. However, we can talk about things that did not go well this time, as they brought it to a point that was quite exaggerated. Like an underlying disease or stomach upset.

Age, health, mood and various seasonal movements affect cats’ sleep patterns. If a cat is too young or too old, it will probably be very difficult to prevent him from suffering from sleep. However, the ideal sleep time for a cat is 15-16 hours. These hours are ideal resting hours for cats and they should not be expected to sleep at all. In other words, most of the 15 hours can pass with rest. Mood generally affects cats’ sleep time. If a cat has been tending to sleep a lot recently, this may mean that they have a bad past. When seasonal movements are evaluated in this context, it can be shown as a reason that changes the sleeping time of cats.
If the cats’ sleeping hours are significantly more than 15 hours, but the above situations have

disappeared, if there is no improvement in your cat, please take it to the nearest veterinarian. Because this can be a serious discomfort and cause irreversible damage to your cat’s life. However, you can decide how long your cat will sleep. This may vary depending on the training you will give them. We recommend that you start your training with a 10-minute sleep reduction. Don’t make a change for hours at a time!

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