Why Cats Vomit? What Is The Treatment?

Why Cats Vomit? What Is The Treatment?

Cats actually vomit at least once a day, even though we are not completely witnessed. This is quite ordinary and cat-specific. However, this situation can sometimes increase both in quantity and in numbers. Here is a problem after that. That is why it is useful to show your cat to a vet as soon as possible by looking at the reasons we will share with you below. So why do cats vomit? How can you prevent cats from vomiting? Here’s the answer …

Ingestion of Substances

Cats can sometimes swallow substances that are not in their diet. This can lead to the emergence of knowing or not knowing vomiting motives. That’s why if your cat has extreme vomiting, one of the reasons may be a substance swallowing.


This condition occurs in almost all cats. If you want to prevent cats from experiencing intestinal problems, then definitely take them to a vereiner and state that they eat hairballs. Otherwise, the job may become much more serious.

Bacteria, Virus or Parasite

Viral infections can cause your cats to vomit. Therefore, if your cat is vomiting excessively, you can request that the anti-inflammatory medication or lotions be written by the veterinarian.

Chronic Disease

In addition to kidney failure, conditions such as liver failure or gallbladder inflammation can cause your cat to vomit. Of course, besides these, chronic diseases of colitis, gastritis and pancreatitis can also cause this.

Food Exchange (Diet Changing)

If you have recently changed your cat’s diet and diet, this may cause unexpected reactions to your cat. You have two options for this. Either returning to the old diet or putting forward a different diet. Otherwise, this problem will continue. Therefore, for all these reasons, you should go to the veterinarian as soon as possible.


Why Cats Vomit?

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