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Why Do Cats Constantly Lick Themselves?

Why is my cat licking himself so much?

Why Do Cats Constantly Lick Themselves?

There may be many reasons for self-licking, which is one of the characteristic features of cats. In fact, this does not carry any risk for cats anyway, but sometimes excessive licks cause anxious questions for cat owners. We wanted to give you some important reasons. Here are some reasons cats can lick themselves …

They have to clear themselves against predators

Cats do this as a defense mechanism to themselves against pests and predators. Because cat saliva has a huge protective and repelling effect against pests, mosquitoes and other spooky and disturbing animals.

They can apply for this to cool off

In fact, cats are animals that are truly fond of pleasure and prefer to live very comfortably. In this, it is extremely important that the body temperatures are at an ideal level and cool. That the air temperature is too high or too low can cause them to lick themselves and provide the ideal temperature level.

May be needed for fur care

Cats aren’t actually filthy animals as you might think. A study reveals that cats are much cleaner than all other animals. Because cats can lick for hours to remove any dirt or dirt from their body. So the little ones are really clean. Did you ever pay attention to this?

They can do this to clean the wounds

Cats may also need microorganisms in the tongue and bacteria in their saliva to clean their wounds and increase external immunity. Therefore, you can witness that his wounds have passed in a short time. Because they have a miraculous immune system from nature. And they do this by licking their tongue.

They do it to stimulate blood flow

One of the biggest reasons for cats licking themselves is to increase blood flow. It has been determined that in cats where they perform licking, up to 80% blood flow increases.

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