Why Do Cats Hate Dogs?

Why Do Cats Hate Dogs?

This question is a controversial question to ask because from a different point of view, whydo cats hate dogs? Or is it our misconception? It is better to distinguish between the two cases. You can notice the difference by observing them -if we are talking about a specific cat and god- during the day all the time. If they are domesticated animals, there is little chance for them to fight all during the day frequently.

Survival Instincts of Cats

As known, cats have different personalities like humans so it is hard to figure out their every move, yet their moves are probably based on their survival acts. When they feel under pressure or uncomfortable, they reflect such feelings by attacking or groaning or clawing. If the dog is not sober and settled down, they can see such kinds of dogs as a threat to their lives. Even in some situations, their size might make them scared. However, if they are domesticated animals, it would be easy to make both of them calm and relaxed.

Characteristic Features of Cats

Attacking someone it likes is one of the features of cats. As a necessity for their personality, sometimes, their main aim could be just to begin a game. What we call hate might be a boring time to enjoy for them. Cats frequently come to their caregivers to make them loved and petted and brushed. One of the reasons they go to the dogs might be the same reasons they come for us. It is hard to determine why cats hate dogs or not. Try to know the cat and you will figure out.

A Bad Past Life

If a cat is not raised with a dog around, after some ages, they will hardships to adopt a dog near them. Besides, in their past life, they might have a fear of a dog (or something bigger than them as size). They might have been attacked by street dogs, which created trauma for them. The cats who hate dogs are probably the ones who mostly lived in the streets. The reason why cats hate dogs can be also explained by their bad past life.

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