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Why do Cats Lick Each Other?

Why do Cats Lick Each Other?

Cats generally want to lick and clean each other. This situation stems from an instinct that is usually in their fittings. That’s why it is quite normal for cats to lick each other. As we said, cats go to such a way either because they clean each other or because of their love for each other. Sometimes different reasons can be shown as the reasons for cats licking each other. This licking can sometimes become very boring and last for hours. Yes, you may have heard it wrong. A licking session may occur even for a few hours.

Although grooming rituals generally apply to self-cleaning cats, sometimes they can groom different cats, even from the same family or street. Cats that use their tongue to clean up can get a hairball vomit after a while, which can indeed come to a very worrying size. That’s why if your cat is constantly doing this, never allow it and consider that there may be a risk to their health. Cats usually do grooming after eating. Because the cat of the opposite sex may have a large amount of food crumbs on its hair, and this also needs to be cleaned. Of course, this also has a state of smell that cats never want. So they constantly clean each other so that the smell can come to an end. You can think of lice and fleas in monkeys as weeding. Although lice and fleas are eaten by monkeys, the main reason is the cleaning of other monkeys.

For grooming, if all cats belong to you, it is better to do it with your own grooming comb. Therefore, it may be a solution to clean your cats before cleaning them with their tongue. In this way, your cats will be healthier and cleaner.

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