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Why do Cats Must be Sterilized and What Happens if They are not Sterilized?

When Should Cats be Neutered?

Why do Cats Must be Sterilized and What Happens if They are not Sterilized? When Should Cats be Neutered?

Cats are usually neutered in the first 6 months. Although this is seen as a very serious animal violation for some animal rights defenders, we can also say that it has a great advantage for cats. This is not done to healthy cats anyway. It is performed in cats that have any health problems and are too weak to care for kittens or cats with anomaly in their DNA structure. So in short, there is no reason for this to happen in a solid cat. Cat owners who only wish to foresee neutering of mother cats that hatch more cats or kittens. However, as we said, if the cat is faced with any anomaly, its offspring will probably get its share. Therefore, this way can be used to prevent this.

Cat sterilization is generally done by surgery. Although recently used medicines and pills and other solutions added to the feed, sterilization procedures to be performed by the veterinarian between 1-2 hours are also in question. 2 days after this procedure, the cat no longer loses its fertility until the next sterilization. Of course, after 2 days, the cat starts its normal life.

Neutering can be done to correct many causes of unpleasant behaviors that accompany cat sexual maturity, such as digestive system, immune system, vocalization, urine marking and circulation. It has been observed that neutering reduces the risk of breast cancer and lives longer than non-neutered cats. In other words, sterilized cats actually live longer than 3-5 years. Improper sterilization can cause tumors and other problems in the bladder. That’s why you have to choose the veterinarian correctly. We suggest you do a lot of research for this. You can get information especially from your experienced environment. Do not believe in every research and advertisement on the Internet.

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