Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

It is not an awkward question to ask because we are all well aware of how long they are sleeping. On the other hand, it is also not awkward for cats to sleep so much. It is their inevitable nature. You should right to worry about them if you observe they are even sleeping more than normal sleeping hours, which a cat has. However, mostly it is better to know that cats sleep too much because they like it!

What Is the Normality of Sleeping for Cats?

Normally, a cat sleeps approximately 15 hours a day. It can rise up to 20 hours a day with short naps and dozes. Kittens tend to sleep much more in teenage cats. Older cats have much more long sleeping times than adults, but mostly teenagers and adults have more energetic activities and more short snaps. Why do cats sleep so much? Because we can say that it is mostly the disposition of cats and even dogs.

The Hunting Instincts

Even though we have domesticated cats, and they are not wildered animals right now, they have hunting instincts, which makes them run for some hunts. They still keep this hunting instinct and disposition. In other words, they are programmed to sleep more to get the energy to hunt. Even after we domesticated the cats, it did not change one of the biggest habits; sleeping. So, you can count energy as to why cats sleep so much.

They Can’t Help Catnaps

Catnaps, as probably you got accustomed to, are quite short dozes of the cats. Whenever they feel warm and comfortable, they can do -eye-shut. Though you are not aware, those naps last short. When they are distracted or lose their warm feeling, they are awake with great energy. These short catnaps are not even sleeping for them. Therefore, probably you do not need to worry about why your cats sleep so much.

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