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Why Do Mother Cats Refuse Their Kittens?

Why Do Mother Cats Refuse Their Kittens?

In fact, mother cats are very dependent on their offspring. We can even risk death for them, and we can witness the death of mother cats who protect their offspring in many cases. However, sometimes this situation can develop undesirably. And mother cats may not accept kittens for any reason. There are actually several reasons for this, and we have included the most well-known reasons here. Here are the reasons …

Some Reasons for Rejection

Under normal circumstances, kittens must be together with their mothers for at least 8 weeks. Until this time, the mother does not leave kittens in any way (except for the reasons we will mention below) and helps them in every sense. But especially the disease and some physiological conditions, the motive of the mother cat to refuse against kittens occurs. And now the mother cat either kills kittens or rejects them forever.

Illness is one of the most common reasons for mothers to leave kittens. This is the reason for 6 out of 10 abandonment cases. This may be due to the fact that the kitten was born with any defects or lack of limbs. Mother cats want to leave them, both intuitively and perhaps in their previous experience, as they know that sickly born kittens later died. Infectious disease is one of these reasons.

Of course, the disease of the mother cat can also be evaluated within the same cause group. Because when the mother cat gets sick, she may be afraid that kittens will also get sick, or if we look at it from a different perspective, mother cats can make such a decision because they think they cannot care for their kittens because of their own illness.

Nutritional status may also be one of the reasons for rejection. When the mother cat thinks she cannot feed all kittens, she can refuse one or more kittens.

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