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Why does my cat lick me?

What does it mean?

Why does my cat lick me? What does it mean?

Does your cat loves licking you and other cats at home? What might it mean if cats are licking you? Does your cat want to tell you something by licking you or trying to get closer to you?

Your cat usually comes to you while sitting at your home. Evening hours are the time for bathing together for cats. Cats lick each other during these hours. Of course, licking can mean that they want to clean you too. So why does your cat lick you? Do you need a bath or he or she really loves you? The answer to both questions is “Yes”.

If your cat licks you, you can perceive it as an honor. In nature, cats lick to show that they accept other creatures and their friendship. While mutually licking, the cats lick the places that the other cat cannot reach. This includes the tops and backs.
Another interesting situation in the world of cats is that older cats in the cat hierarchy lick younger cats. If you watch carefully, cats can express their needs for cleaning among themselves. The cat goes towards another cat and tilts its head and shows that he or she needs to be licked.

Having other odors on the cats in the wild prevents them from hunting. They can sleep peacefully after clearing the scent of their prey. Thus, they are away from the target of other predators. So if your cat licks you, it means that they accept you as one of them.
There may be rare times that your cat kisses you. In some cases, it may mean that your cat licked you equals to your cat kissed you.
If your cat wants to kiss or lick you next time, let him or her to do that. Thus, the bond between you and your pet will become stronger and you will get closer to the cat world.

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