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Why Does My Cat Lose Weight?

Why Does My Cat Lose Weight?

Your cat may lose weight due to any health problems or psychological reasons as well as you have made a new change in diet programs. Of course, you are the person who will observe this best, but in general, we would like to share some parts of you about what causes cats to lose weight. In this way, you can understand the reason and reveal the most correct approach and help your cat to regain its former health. Here are the reasons for cats’ weight loss …

Extreme Stress

Cats are generally creatures that tend to lose weight under extreme stress. If your cat has been depressed for any reason lately and it has been going on for a long time, that is why it may have lost weight. To prevent this, you must eliminate or minimize stressful things.

Extreme Movement

If your cat is overly active, it is normal to lose weight in this case. Therefore, you can restrict movement and set the time of feeding as the time when it is most active. In this way, he will actually lose weight by moving, he can gain weight by eating.

Seasonal Effects

Generally, cats can experience a 20% weight loss during seasonal transitions. This is a negligible weight loss. However, if this rate is too high, it definitely indicates a problem.

Decreased Feed Quality

If there is a diet less than usual or if you follow a diet different from the previous diet, this may cause your cat to experience excessive weight loss. That’s why you need to consider calorie levels.

Health Problems

In addition to the above, intestinal parasites and tapeworms can also cause your cat to lose weight. For this reason, try to get the right solution by going to the veterinarian for all these situations.

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