Why Does Your Dog Vomit

Why Does Your Dog Vomit? | Here are 9 Reasons Why Dogs Vomit

Dogs can often vomit at certain frequencies. This can be seen normally for 1 time per day. Because, its mixing with the food it eats and its saliva sometimes activates the urge to vomit, which allows them to vomit regularly. However, there may be random vomiting attacks. If this happens 2 or more times a day, this time he may think it has become problematic. Because this doesn’t seem to be a normal situation anymore. We wanted to present you the 9 causes of vomiting of the dogs that caused it. Here are the reasons …

1- Ordinary Causes

As we said, every dog ​​can vomit once a day. This should not be seen as any disease or problem. If it is repeated too much, visit the veterinarian.

2- Excess Fluid Consumption

Sometimes dogs consume a lot of fluid. This can put excessive pressure on their stomach, causing them to vomit. If you know that they are consuming too much liquid and you are witnessing that they are vomiting, there is no problem. Stay on track.

3- Excess Food Consumption

If he consumed too much food instead of water, this can cause dogs to vomit.

4- Dietary Change

If you have changed the feed you have given to your dog for a long time, it is normal for them to vomit during the transition to the new food.

5- Air Exchange

If you have a dog affected by weather changes, their vomiting is quite ordinary. It will pass after a while. However, you need to make sure that the reason is the weather change.

6- A Plastic or Other Substance May Have Been Swallowed

Your dog may have swallowed a chemical that should not be eaten unknowingly. If it cannot be removed by vomiting, you should consult the veterinarian as soon as possible.

7- Stomach Pain and Stomach Spasm

Stomach pain and chronic stomach spasms can also cause this.

8- Problems in Intestinal Activities

If your dog has a problem with the intestinal tract, this can cause vomiting. May require tests and x-ray.

9- Microbe, Bacteria and Inflammation

If excessive inflammation has occurred elsewhere in the body, this can negatively affect immunity, which can cause the dog to vomit.

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