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Why Fleas Choose Cats?

How Can You Protect Your Cat From Fleas

How Can You Protect Your Cat From Fleas

Cats are generally among the animals that have the most contact with fleas. Although domestic cats are a bit more fortunate in this regard, it should not be understood that it is not a problem, because fleas are microorganisms that haunt cats and dogs everywhere. We have some solution suggestions to protect them, but if you wish, let’s first talk about why cats are the target host by fleas.

Why Fleas Choose Cats?

Fleas want an environment in which they think it can be safe while choosing a host target for any life cycle. More humidity, better temperature and more holding tools are always what they want most. This, of course, is more visible in cats and causes them to be chosen because it is simpler to hold on to cats. Humidity is also very important at this stage. Because fleas increase more in humid environment and catch the environment required for reproduction.

How Do I Know If I Have Fleas?

You can tell if there are fleas or not because your cat is restless and constantly scratching themselves. When you see a cat that chews its skin, the first thing you’ll suspect is its invasion by fleas. This naturally requires some precautions to be taken. Otherwise, fleas will cause parasitization and fungalization after a while, which can also cause the immune system to collapse. So what should be done?

What to Do to Get Rid of Fleas?

Scan your cat with a fine toothed metal flea comb to protect your cats from fleas, and you can also use it to beat your cat a little bit if necessary. Then immerse this comb in liquid detergent every time because those fleas need to die. Then repeat this process a few more times. After a while, you will see that your cat will be much more peaceful and cleaner. This will increase their love for you.

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