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Why is Excessive Fear Caused in Cats, How is it Treated?

Why is Excessive Fear Caused in Cats, How is it Treated?

Cats are sometimes overly afraid and may need treatment. The causes of extreme fear may be several, and it may be necessary to fight separately for each reason. That is why it is necessary to learn the cause of excessive fear in cats and to go over it. However, you can learn the true source of cats having this fear and apply much better treatments for them. Although the causes of fear and stress in cats are external factors, internal factors can also cause this. So we wanted to address these symptoms below.

Cats can be aggressive towards other pets or their owners. The reason for this may be to face their fears and fight it. So, your cat may actually be aggressive because he’s afraid. Among the reasons for this, the memory of an event is shown as the most important reason. In other words, a problem he has experienced before can mean a sense of life for your cat and your cat can face that moment every time. This can lead to anxiety and stress. At home, contamination, chills, stress and aggression are among the cat’s fear symptoms.

To combat these, you must first examine how your cat reacts. If your cat shows a constant escape action in the face of this stress and fear, then you can worry about your cat. Because your cat is in an extreme crisis and adopts an introverted life. However, if your cat is attacking you or other pets in the house in front of what it fears, then this problem can be solved a little easier. Because your acceptance that what he attacked can actually be a friend will radically solve the whole problem. If you cannot solve this situation by yourself, please get help from the veterinarian.

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