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Why We Should Groom Cats?

Why Cats Clean Up Long?

Why We Should Groom Cats? Why Cats Clean Up Long?

Although cats are very clean animals, they need to be extra cleaned when they come into contact with some places they should not touch. This is extremely important for them to be healthier. Their cleaning and grooming not only makes them live longer, but also makes it easier for them to get a healthier environment.

Which areas of cats must be cleaned?

In general, while almost all areas of cats need to be cleaned, if we consider more specifically, it is necessary to clean their eyes, ears, teeth, skin and fur.

It is a sign that they are entering a restless time for a cat with eyes blunted. Therefore, if the burr is formed in an ordinary way and does not cause any health problems, you can clean the burr with the help of a normal damp cloth.

If their ears are extremely dirty, this requires cleaning them. Because a dirty ear means more bacteria and dirt and is a sign that it will reveal more disease. Therefore, clean your cat’s ears with the help of ear cleaning lotions. When cleaning your cat’s ear, you need to ensure that it is not damaged.

Teeth cleaning is also related to the cleaning of cats, and cat owners should definitely pay attention to it. There are cleaning stones for tooth cleaning. You can choose them. You need to repeat this frequently to prevent bad breath.

Skin cleansing also includes the areas of cats that require the most cleansing. Care must be taken to prevent the skin from stinking and carrying more bacteria. In cats with skin sensitivity, it is useful to choose special lotions.

Feather cleaning is also an extremely important cleaning especially for cat owners who like cats’ feathers and want them to look shiny. For this, you can choose grooming combs. With the help of liquid detergent, you need to constantly clean these combs.

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